Down to Earth Dave’s Post of the Day–March 21

Salutations, Gentle Reader,

Yesterday was one of those days that causes me to grimace. I had an early appointment in Brooklyn with a client who had been telling me how much he appreciated my services and personality. He wasn’t there at the appointed hour. Shortly later I contacted the listing agent for the second apartment we were to see. Twenty minutes after our meeting time, I tried to reach him–he had confirmed our appointment Wednesday afternoon. He apologised for not letting me know sooner that he wouldn’t be coming.

Then he lowered the boom. Wednesday afternoon, he and a friend applied for a two-bedroom apartment. Just like that, hours of research, over a dozen calls made, and miles walked in both Manhattan and Brooklyn were for naught.

No one ever promised that life is fair or that clients are sure things. Real estate is a tough business. Luckily, I already had dinner plans with The Captain. We took a long walk before dinner, and afterward, he offered me his strong shoulder and gentle heart on an evening in which I needed it. Indeed, I’m a lucky man.

A few Friday haiku?

Today, north to south,
Swift currents, East River flows,
Today, south to north

Being unmessable with
Begin with NOTHING

Angst. Anxiety
Sadness. Apathy. Relief.
Sprinkle fairy dust.

To ask one’s purpose
Wonder, ponder, contemplate.
Speak up, if you please.

Remain calm, and speak well.
Be kind to yourself. Be kind to the planet and the future. Cause no suffering. Go Vegan!


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